Analytical Balance


Designed for basic routine weighing in laboratory and education applications. The Pioneer analytical-style draftshield is designed with
glass panels, including three sliding doors. All doors, including the front and back panels are easy to remove and replace, and together with a stainless steel bottom, make it fast and easy to clean. Should breakage occur within three easy steps, each replacement door and panel can be installed in seconds. Features an up-front level indicator, eliminating the need to look behind the balance during the leveling process. A qucik glance at the up-front level indicator helps to ensure the balance is level prior to use. Three filter modes and adjustable zero tracking are ideal fr working in slow filling applications where sensitivity is a must. When working in harsh environments, user can adjust balance settings to compensate for vibrations and other disturbances. Features RS232, calibration lockout, security loop in rear, weight below hook, AJC adapter, in-use cover, secondary display with backlight, density determination kit, calibration masses, security device-cable and lock type printer, PC and printer cables, and communication software.