Basic Human Torso


More detailed than the Basic Knowbody’., the AdvancedKnowbody separates into thefollowing components: eyeballwith ext raocu lar miscles,4-piece dissectible brainhalf, left lung with ribs,right lung with rib (withblood vessels andbronchioles), 2-part heart,liver with gall bladder anddiaphragm segment,2-part stomach, intensiveunit, torso and heat unit, and200 hand-numberedanatomical features. Featuresa total of 20 disectiblestructures. Constructedof tough, pliable,ubreakable plastic.Life-size in trueproportion, anatomically accurate anddissectible into 14detachable parts.Sh.wt. 54 lbs. (24.29kg).